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Washing and Drying Machinery for Fruits & vegetables.

Health conscious people prefer packed potatoes or vegetables washed & dried. Hence, it is necessary to use advanced technological machinery to Indian processors. According to size & shape of vegetables, different type of washers and dryers are used. Generally most of the fruits and vegetables carry dust, dirt and spray residues when harvested. They are cleaned, graded and sorted in dry condition. However root vegetables, in addition, carry soil and mud. Hence, it is essential that the product is cleaned off these impurities before it is graded and sorted. According to requirement depending upon type and intensity of impurities, either dry type cleaning equipment or water washing type equipment or both are used for fresh market. However, the produce for processing must be washed. In washing and cleaning operations, chemicals are added to wash water for disinfection of fruits and vegetables. Washing is also important operation to reduce level of pesticides in fruits and vegetables.
Barrel Washer

Sub-merged water type barrel washer is well suited for washing off soils on potatoes, carrots or similar root crops. Soil or mud is taken out by conveyor. This Barrel Washer is very popular in the market for its salient features and cost effectiveness.
Water Spray Vegetable Washer

Vegetable Washer with water spray This high grade offered by us is widely suited for efficient washing of vegetables. Equipped with crop conveyor with feed adjustment, spray nozzles from all sides and water tank with water recirculation pump, this Vegetable Spray Washer is very popular in the markets.
Rotary Drum Washer

This rotary drum machine is designed for accepting bulk root crops such as Carrots, Beetroot and potatoes. Our machinery subjects them to a rotating forward movement and then discharges them. It consists of a rigid frame supporting a rotating barrel, which is fitted with removable riddles therefore allowing more than one grade. The machine is suspended on and driven by multi strand 'V' belts and the rate of flow is determined by the angle of the barrel, which is adjustable.
Sponge Roller Dryer

After washing crop is passed over sponge rollers, which absorb water and dry the crop. Water absorbed in sponge rollers is squeezed and drained by pressure rollers. We take into account the diverse application needs of various industries and offer suitable range of Sponge Dryers. These Sponge Dryers are available with advanced attributes that makes it one of the most preferred product in the market.
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