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Potato & Onion Grading & Sorting machinery

Quality of any consumable product starts with first stage of preprocessing of raw materials. As is known Raw material � be they potatoes or onions or any agri-produce, are collected from farmers along with impurities such as soil , mud , stones etc. Raw material includes small, clods, and undesirable produce also. In order to separate good raw material, preprocessing plants are provided with Cleaning, Grading and Sorting operations. There are number of machinery of various designs available in inter- -national markets to handle these operations. Selection of most suitable machine for particular operations depends on end use of the graded product. If potatoes / onions are sold in retail outlets for direct consumption, grading accuracy is not very important. But if graded potatoes / onions are used for further processing, then cutting machines need more accurately graded product.
Hopper Feed Elevator

Feeder Hoppers offered by us are very heavy duty. They are designed to be robust to withstand all conditions, specifically at the point of loading impact. The salient features of this Elevator include custom built to fulfill all the clients� requirements. The product is carried from hopper to process machine by means of heavy duty inclined conveyor with cleated PVC belt

Optional � VFD drive can be provided to vary speed to suit loading condition and capacity of next machine.
Coil Cleaner ( Small product separator)

These are fitted with 6 rows or 8 rows of either fixed or adjustable coils for cleaning and effective sizing out of small crop, especially useful for potatoes and onions. It also removes dirt and small clods. The salient features of this Dirt Separator / Coil Cleaner includes Heavy wire gauge coils of opposite hands provided, VFD drive provided to adjust the speed of coils to suit crop condition

Optional variable pitch can be provided and Drive to coils is offered through inter connecting gears.
Star Cleaner (Dirt Separator)

The Star Dirt Remover removes loose dirt, stones and vines from root vegetables in a continuous process. This Star Dirt Remover is composed of rows of rubber star rollers and rows of clod remover rollers. These rollers are chain driven. As produce flows over the rubber rollers, dirt and other debris pulled through the roller system, separating it from the main produce flow. The salient features of this machine include manually adjustable tilt angle to vary produce flow according to produce type and volume, separate drive system for the star rollers and the clod rollers to adjust rotational speed, easy side panels, removal for cleaning and maintenance access and the main chain drive tensioning via nut adjustment mechanism.
Continuous Screen Grader

Our company is regarded as a specialist in offering a huge array of Continuous Screen Grader. The Continuous Screen Grader offers a relatively inexpensive machine, alternative to the Lift Roller Grader. This system uses a traveling mesh screen to separate produce into different sizes. If the produce is small enough, it will pass through the screen. Larger produce will progress to the end of the machine. Oversize produce is fed to screen grader for next grading. The process can be repeated, and multiple sizing achieved, simply by adding additional Screen grader modules. Sizing efficiency is further aided by mechanical shakers that gently vibrate the produce on the screen. Each grader module is provided with cross belt conveyors to carry sized produce away for further processing.

Salient features:
  • Modules can cater for up to 20 tons per hour, depending on the produce variety
  • Main frame constructed from mild steel, galvanized or painted or stainless steel
  • G.I. Wire mesh or S.S. wire mesh of required size opening is supplied.
  • Screen whole size can be matched to your sizing requirements Anti-cut rollers run
    underneath the screen ensure produce does not become trapped in the mesh
  • Cross belt conveyors supplied.
Lift Roller Grader

Our company is regarded as a specialist in offering a huge array of Lift Roller Grader. Lift Roller Grader works on the principle of expanding gap rollers. The main chain has a series of rollers on fixed spacing, with another series of rollers mounted a little higher between them. At the feed end of the machine, the rollers are close together. As they move along, the top roller is raised at several adjustable points along the machine, creating a larger gap between it and the rollers below. This design allows for great versatility in determining where each size of product falls. The sizing can be adjusted to suit the volume of each size being graded out. Reversible discharge conveyors also add a degree of versatility and can be used if suitable in you setup. The lift roll sizer is ideal for use on: Carrots, Potatoes, Parsnips, Onions and Apples.

Salient features:
  • Choice of round stainless steel or plastic rollers
  • Can size produce from 20 to 100 mm
  • Reversible out-feed conveyors
  • Sturdy M.S frame and structure
  • VFD drive system for adjustment of speed
  • In-feed even flow conveyor to evenly distribute produce across the width of grader
  • Brush cleaning system for round stainless steel rollers
  • Easy size adjustment via manual handle
  • Out-feed conveyor placed on easy slide with locking arrangement.
Inspection Belt Conveyor

Inspection Belt Conveyors are very similar to the Sorting Roller conveyor in that they can convey potatoes, carrots, parsnips and many other varieties of vegetable allowing them to be visually scanned for imperfections or for sorting. The Salient features: of this machine include multiple size options with variable widths and lengths are available to suit the application. This includes Belt Inspection Conveyors with center waste chutes. Mild Steel side panels are offered with galvanized /painted VFD motor drive to adjust speed to suit sorting /inspection and Heavy duty PVC or specific food grade belting.
Sorting Roller Conveyor

This Sorting Roller conveyor is designed to convey a wide range of vegetables via rollers in a continuous process. This allows for vegetables to be visually scanned for imperfections or for sorting. It is widely used for visually inspecting and sorting carrots, potatoes, onions, parsnips, capsicums, beet and other various vegetables / fruits.

Salient features:
Multiple size options with variable widths and lengths are available to suit your application
  • This includes waste chutes and working platform
  • Blue/white PVC rollers for better color contrast when inspecting
  • Heavy gauge steel side frames with channel supports
  • Side covering plates extend beside rollers to stop vegetable ingress
  • Heavy duty extended pin conveyor chainRollers wilife lubricated bearings on roller ends.
Weigh Bagger

In view of expanding retail market of packed potatoes and onions, it has become necessity to install this machine. There are two types of Weigh-baggers. Single Head Weigh Bagger is used for wholesale; retail market-weigh may range 5 to 50 Kg. The Multi Head Weigh Bagger is ideal for small bags at high rate packing-weigh may range 500gms to 5 Kg. Both the types of machines are equipped with load cells, PLC panel and computerized system to facilitate setting for weighs as required. These are offered with data recording system of weighs, numbers of packs and total tons packed for ready information for management.
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